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Eric the


Creator of the Eric Michael SHOW

DO NOT GET STUCK ON TECH! Let me handle the Headache for YOU! I will get Your Online Business Up and Running for Success!!!

Eric the TECH MIND's BASIC Package - $500 ($1000 Value)

-I will build a Landing page that captures and builds Your Email List!

-I will connect and setup Your Business Email!

- FREE WEBSITES (with GROOVE while it still lasts)!

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Eric the TECH MIND's SILVER Package - $1000 ($2000 Value)

-Create/setup Fully Functional 3 Page Sales Funnel for Your Product, Seminar, Challenge, Summit, etc.

-Capture emails & connect email service!

-Setup Your Scheduling service!

-Setup Your Online Business for Payment!

Apologies Currently Booked FULL

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Eric the TECH MIND's GOLD Package - $1500+ ($3000 Value)

-Additional charges for;

-Each page added to Sales Funnels

-If you want me to create your text

-If you need additional time with me on ZOOM (More than two 30 mins sessions).

Apologies Currently Booked FULL

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DO NOT GET STUCK ON TECH! Eric the TECH MIND is here to save You Time and MONEY! I also offer plenty of FREE Advice and Tutorials on my YouTube channel!  Check it out below!

There you can expect to find Tips and Tricks as well as different Tutorials for online business. Click the button to be taken to my Channel and please like and subscribe!

  • Landing pages, Websites, Business Email Setup

  • Scheduling services, and Payment setup.

  • YouTube Tips and Tricks, Video editing.

  • World Class Expert NERD HERE!!!

    I have spent many years learning this stuff, and now I can share my expertise with you!

    Sales Funnels that convert

    Let Eric the TECH MIND build your Sales Funnel and set it up for success!!!

    Ready to Start or Grow Your online Business?    Whether you are launching a Book, a new Product, or a new service I got you covered!

  • Websites, Landing Pages, that capture emails 

  • Fully Functioning Sales Funnels that CONVERT

  • Webinars, Summits, Challenges, Product and Service Launches

  • Eric the TECH MIND

    Let me build your online business FOR YOU!!!

    I have spent years and years learning the essentials of the TECH world. 

    Now, I am in a position where You can benefit from my expertise!  My Done-for-You Packages are just what You need to get Your Online Business Up and Running.

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      About Me

    My name is ERIC MICHAEL WALTHER a.k.a. Eric the TECH MIND!!!

    I have learned SO much over the years! I am growing my online business. I am also growing my YouTube channel. I love to help people! I motivate others to live their best life possible with Rebirth in Christ! I have a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Development. My major was in Psychology but I also studied Philosophy and Theology heavily.

    I am a HUGE NERD! I play video games and board games with friends! I love the computer and TECHNOLOGY! I play Ice Hockey and I absolutely love it! I love books and stories! I am always trying to learn new things and gain new knowledge. There is always more to learn!

    God Bless!

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